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The predictive maintenance system that perfects digitised production.

What is wearTell?

wearTell is an out-of-the-box system for condition-based and predictive maintenance of tools, machines and equipment. Through the intelligent combination and analysis of measurement data from different sensors, wearTell recognizes the state of wear on a tool or equipment and it is reliably evaluated.

Why wearTell?

wearTell can be retrofitted on almost all tools, machines and systems without any major setup effort. The system is easy to install, immediately functional and easy to use. This ensures that neither installation nor utilisation interferes with scheduled production cycles.

How does wearTell work?

wearTell obtains various measured values from sensors that can be quickly supplied to any tool, machine or system. Through intelligent machine learning, wearTell can recognize potential patterns and regularities and develop adequate solutions to optimize the production unit.

What can wearTell do?

wearTell can reliably quantify and even predict the wear condition of a tool, machine or plant. Thus, wearTell completely brings tools and machinery into the digital future of production today.


Advantages that pay off.

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Production becomes more reliable overall as uncontrolled failure of tools and equipment is avoided or can be avoided by timely alerts, service and maintenance.

Performance and efficiency

By increasing Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), production times are extended, while setup times are shortened by eliminating major incidents.


Quality is completely redefined because targeted monitoring not only maximizes the quality of products but also their availability through predictable production cycles.


Characteristics that convince.

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wearTell provides you an overview of the current condition of your tools, systems and machines. Directly at the machine or centrally in a control room. By providing valuable insights into all aspects of production, you can swiftly adjust the relevant production parameters: Batch variations, maintenance cycles, product quality.


wearTell makes it possible, to quantify the wear condition of a tool by using performance indicators. You can use the indicators to define maintenance intervals and quality standards once and for all. They can be compared across all machines and locations of your company.


What can be quantified can also be predicted: wearTell uses a data-driven machine learning approach and different sensors to predict the wear condition of tools and machines. The more often, the better. So, you don’t have to intervene as often.


Sensor data for different measured variables such as structure-borne noise, cavity pressure, temperature and flow rate can be combined with each other depending on the specific application. In this way you obtain the maximum meaningful wear characteristics and a reliable forecast for the future. However, in practice, one single meaningful input is usually sufficient and wearTell provides you with reliable information.


wearTell allows you to transfer all information into the internal company network or into a cloud through a REST-API interface and thereby makes it accessible at critical points. Because wearTell is fully compatible with all popular PLC models, you can upgrade any machine at any time and remotely monitor and control it via web application.